Paul Richter


Four songs from Maramureş (1967)

Tudor Ciortea's works can be rather conventionally, i.e. neo-romantically, folkloristic. Not so these four piano pieces: Bartók's rhythmical inventiveness is driven here into discreet and charming whimsicality.

"Patru cântece Maramureşene" pentru pian (1967)

"Four songs from Maramureş" for piano (1967)

1. Colind variat (Christmas carol with variations) 0:00
2. Hora lungă (Long Hora) 2:22
3. Bocet (Dirge) 4:28
4. Joc bărbătesc (Men's Joc) 8:22

Played by Alexandru Hrisanide from Electrecord LP C.S. 022 (1969)

Photo: Autumn mist in Maramureş (Romania) as captured by Adela Rusu

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